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Where is the field headed?

Several weeks ago, the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) published a survey of member designers from around the globe, answering the question, "will you be doing more branding design in the future?" Overwhelmingly, the designers answered with a resounding "yes." What is your take? Is branding design and packaging an expanding field, or is it being left to 'specialty' designers working in big-name, high-impact houses and studios?

By the way, Icograda's survey results said this:

In five years, will you be doing more 'brand' design?
Yes - I plan to increase my brand design services.

No - I don't plan to increase my brand design services.

No - I have little or no interest in branding.


Totals shown may be more or less than 100% due to rounding.

(see this and other polls at icograda.com http://www.icograda.com/web/opinion-pollresults.shtml?pfl=poll-pastpollsdisplay-2.param&op2.rf1=187 )


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Is an Egg a Package?


It's often been said that an egg is the perfect package. What are your thoughts on this subject? Is an egg a package? How would you define the word "package"? For that matter, what is the difference between "packing" and "packaging"?


Welcome to the Exploring Package Design blog. Here, I hope to encourage a discussion of the art, technique, design and business of package design for both the professional and the student. I welcome, at any time, questions, comments or ideas on the subject of creative packaging.
Check back often.

-Chuck Groth


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